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Carbohydrates…read more

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The function of carbohydrates in the body
The main use for carbohydrates is to provide energy for
the body. ( e.g. brain ) Your diet cant just consist of
carbohydrates as the body needs minerals, protein,
vitamins, fats.…read more

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Types of Carbs
· Complex: Include wholegrain breads, oats muesli and brown
rice. The Starch in complex carbs is broken down in a slow
rate, so it provides you with energy for longer. The starch is
turned into glucose. Complex are starchy foods.
· Some complex carbs include bananas ,barley ,beans ,brown
rice ,chickpeas ,lentils ,nuts ,oats ,Parsnips, potatoes
· Simple: The energy it provides is realised very quickly( quick
energy). Simple are sugary foods like sweets , biscuits, cakes
and pastries, Chocolate, honey and jams, Jellies, brown and
white cane sugar, Pizzas, prepared foods and sauce, soft
drinks, sweets and snack bars.…read more

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What happens if you don't eat enough
Carbohydrates ?
The body begins using proteins as an energy source, if you do
not get enough carbs in your diet. Also you will begin to
feel very tried and experience lack of energy.
Consuming even a semi-normal diet will give you enough
carbohydrates to avoid this any of these problems :
·Heavy legs
·Severe Lethargy and Fatigue
·Fainting…read more

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What kind of carbohydrate is best for us
· The best sort of carbs are
mostly complex like --whole
grains vegetables, fruits and
beans--since they promote
good health by providing
vitamins, minerals and fibre.…read more

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What type of carbs for
running a marathon and 100m ??
· For a marathon you should
eat complex carbohydrates
as they release energy over
a long period of time, so you
have enough energy to run
the whole race without
getting tired. For example
whole grain- brown bread.
· For 100m race you should
eat simple carbohydrates as
they release energy in a
short bursts over a small
amount of time.…read more

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