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Monosaccharide Disacchari Polysacc
de haride
Triose Pentose Hexose
Example Glyceralderhade Ribose Glucose ( and ) Maltose Sucrose Lactose Glycogen Starch Cellulose
Deoxyribose Fructose
Roles Used in Ribose Used in respiration Used in How plants Used in Energy Cannot be
respiration to used in RNA to make energy respiration transport respiration Storage used
make energy (ribosome) ATP after carbohydrates after Cannot immediate
ATP Deoxyribose hydrolysis around the hydrolysis be used ly
used in plant immediat
DNA ely
Properties Small molecule Small Important Insoluble Rigid and
Soluble in water molecule monomers make Soluble in water Strong
Soluble in up the and Sweet Osmotica Insoluble
water poly/disaccharides lly Permeable
y inert
Summary Table


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