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Car safety as style...
By John Reardon, Mat Gould,
Grace Tongue.…read more

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Safety features
· Air bags
· Crumple zones
· Seat beat
· Global positioning systems (GPS)…read more

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· Stop a moving vehicles with less breaking
force you increase the breaking distance
this is because
· kinetic energy=braking force*braking
distance…read more

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Air bags
· Air bags are used in conjunction with seat
belts to provide maximum safety. they
general perform the same act that a seat
belt performs and they should be fully
inflated before you hit them, f not used in
conjunction you will hit the dash board
· before the ir bag is fully inflated,they are
designed to inflate in 0.05seconds and
deflate after 3 seconds in between these
times .…read more

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Crumple zones
· Designed to collapse in the collision they
have an effect of increase the distance so
the force is acting therefore the average
force is less so the front of the car and
stops and the passengers bodies keep on
moving a crucial extra half a meter or so...…read more

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Seat belts
· The distance over that force can act is also
increased when you wear a seat belt as they
stretch during the collision however the main
advantage of wearing a seat belt is if you not6
wearing one and the car came to a sudden stop
you would keep moving as a result of your mass.
If you were not wearing a seatbelt your body
would continue until it was stopped by a
structure of the car e.g. dashboard or
windscreen causing serious damage to the
passengers and the drivers…read more

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