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Crumple Zones

Crumple zones are a legal requirement normally for automobiles like
cars. Before Mercedes developed the crumple zone concept,
drivers had to be extremely careful because one crash could not
only cause lots of damage to the car but could nearly always kill the
A crumple zone is…

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designed to absorb as much energy as possible in order to reduce
the maximum amount of inertia.
If crumple zones did not exist, then people could break bones from
the impact because of the speed they will be travelling from
momentum. Therefore crumple zones are very important in not only…

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A seatbelt is designed to stop a passenger moving through the
windscreen, and to also protect the passenger from the hard interior
of the car.
Seatbelts were invented in the early 19th century because many car
drivers were suffering fatal injuries due to no restraint on their body in

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An airbag is like an envelope which is deployed in the event of a
crash. An airbag is only deployed effectively if the passenger is
wearing a seat belt. The way the airbag is deployed is that sensors in
the front and back, and occasionally sides detect when a crash…

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Here are a few examples of other ways in which cars are protected
from crashes like anti braking systems, but the three I have
researched are the most effective ways.

Diagrams of a car crash

Crumple Zones

This is a diagram showing how kinetic energy from a car
crumple zone…

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This is the same graph as the one above but it is
showing how kinetic energy is dispersed in a crash with the aid of
seat belts. The diagram I have made is showing that seat belts have
a much faster time for reaction so they are much more effective,…

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techniques, an airbag is the quickest and it get rids of the most
kinetic energy. Therefore I can safely say that an airbag is the safest
and most effective car safety technique used today based on the
data I have collected and analysis.


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