Capital Punishment & Corporal Punishment

Quick notes on what Christains & Muslims beliefs on Capital Punishment and Corporal Punishment

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A form of punishment in which
Capital a prisoner is put to death for
crimes committed.
Arguments For Death Penalty
It permanently removes the worst criminals, making society safer.
It is cheaper than putting someone in prison for life.
It is a strong deterrent.
The most serious criminals only understand the language of violence.
It offers retribution.
Some Christians might support the death penalty because:
God authorised capital punishment for murder after the Noahic Flood. This suggests that the
death penalty is a just way of dealing with the most serious, violent criminals and it protects
Arguments Against `Death Penalty'
It contradicts the most basic human right to life.
It can be torturously painful.
Innocent people will be executed by mistake.
There alternatives such as prison which offer the chance for reformation.
Might decrease respect for human life.
Majority of Christians are deeply against the death penalty because:
Killing is wrong in all circumstances `do not kill'.
All human life is sacred and should be protected.
Only God has the right to take life.
It is purely retributive form of punishment that leaves no possibility for forgiveness and
Muslims Attitudes to the Death Penalty
Under Shari'ah Law, the death penalty can be imposed for various offences including
insulting Islam, rejecting Islam and converting to another faith, adultery.
It can be used to punish murder, but only if the victim's family rejects the `blood money'
offered to them.

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Do not take life which Allah has made sacred...except by way of justice and law'.
A form of punishment in which
Corporal physical pain is inflicted upon a
Muslims Attitudes to Corporal Punishment
Under Shari'ah Law, physical punishments are permitted. In some Muslims countries such as Saudi
Arabia and Iran, corporal punishments are often carried out to act as deter others from committing
crime, for example:
A thief can have their hand amputated in public by a surgeon.…read more


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