Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is also known as death penalty. This is a hardly debated topic. It is a
controversial issue (public disagreement) and there is no unanimity concerning this topic (
agreement). Capital punishment has always been existed. Human is the cause of almost all crimes
as they are violent by nature.
There are various forms of capital punishment. Some forms are; beheading ­ that is cutting off the
head of the criminal. Beheading are practice in France. Secondly, burning alive in public, this type
of punishment is usually practice in African countries. Thirdly, is execution, which is shooting of
people, this is likely to happen during wars in Iran and Iraq. Fourthly, lapidating, which is throwing
of stone at a person, this is practice in islamic countries like Saudia Arabia. This is the punishment
for adultery. Even a princess and her lover have been lapidating because they found guilty of
committing adultery. Hanging is practice in Texas. With the advent of technology, modern ways of
death penalty has been found to punish people for their evil deeds like ; gas chamber means to
shut down the culprit in a room and toxic gas will released. Other modern ways are; electric chair
and injection.
I personally think that, capital punishment must be abolished. Death penalty is a crime in itself,
thus , death penalty adds a crime to another crime. Capital punishment is a bad example as it
involves violence, revenge and hatred. Amnestic international is an organisation that has been set
up to protect human beings. Capital punishment must be abolished as soon as possible as it
violates the rights of human to live which is sacred. Life is sacred as it is given by God and only God
has the right to take that life. It has been found that judicial error has occurred meaning that the
judge has made a mistake while judging cases. As a result, we can say that law does not always
lead to justice. Additionally, death penalty is irreversible. Capital punishment is unjust, because
law is expensive. That is poor people who can't afford an advocate lose their case because of lack
of money. On the other hand, rich people take a good lawyer to defend themselves and as a result
they are acquitted. For example, Sacco and Vanzetti are two Americans which suffer from the
punishment of death penalty but short after they were declared innocent. Regarding this we can
say that innocents and their families had been punished for the crime they haven't made. Children
whose parent's suffer from the punishment of death penalty may become lawless that is criminals
that seek revenge. Therefore, we can conclude that, death penalty doesn't discourage crime but
instead increase crime. Hence, capital punishment failed in it's objective and this must be
On the other hand, by comparing capital punishment to prison we can see that capital punishment
is much more efficient as prison is costly. Prison is finance by the tax payers, that money could be
use in must a better way by helping the poor. We can also see that people are no more afraid of
prison. They can be bailed out easily. Some people prefer to be in prison than to be out. Recently,
in Mauritius there was a man who killed a women because he wanted to return back to prison. In
prison there is also crimes, drug transaction and arms business which is illegal. Prisons are
overcrowded. By analysing, we can deduce that prison bring much more harm than good. Hence,
prison is failing in it's target. Thus, to confront this problem capital punishment is the solution.
There is a quote by Shakespeare who said that crime is always followed by punishment.
Some arguments for capital punishment to be implemented are; to keep our country stable, that
is, to prevent our society from collapsing. Capital punishment may bring stability and security to
the society. Another core arguments is that it will prevents repetition of crimes, that is , no further

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Death penalty destroys the criminal genes which is a safe for the
society. For the people who are afraid of death capital punishment acts as a discouragement for
committing crimes.
To confront this problem we can shift to alternative methods to capital punishment like; life
imprisonment ­ they may help the country by working for the society in prison. Secondly, to
remain alone in prison 24/7 this will result to a moral torture. Thirdly, dark cell.…read more


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