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-2 -
Answer ALL questions in this section. Write your answers in the spaces provided in this answer
1. (a) (i) In the space below make an annotated schematic drawing of a chloroplast.
[ 4 marks]
(ii) Identify and describe the TWO parts of the chloroplast that are important in the
process of photosynthesis.
[ 4 marks]
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Figure 1 is a diagram of the nitrogen cycle.
Gaseous nitrogen in atmosphere
Figure 1. Nitrogen cycle
(i) Identify the processes in Figure 1 represented by the letters A, B, C, D, E and F.…read more

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Describe TWO NATURAL way _ ~t:;:t:~C:::::J::::'c -- 0 t from soil ecosystems.
[ 2 marks]
(iii) Describe TWO human activities which impact the nitrogen cy Ie.…read more

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I+---------Retort stand
Leafy shoot
-+-------++--------- Syringe containing water for pushing air
back to right-hand end of capillary tube
Rubber bung-----!
r Graduated capillary tube
/ Air
Conical filter ---I rt---------Rubber tubing
Figure 2. Apparatus for investigating stomata distribution in a leaf
Biological Sciences 1 and 2, 3rd Edition, p, 439
(i) Explain FOUR precautions that should be taken when setting up and conducting
this experiment.…read more

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Suggest an appropriate control for the experiment.
[1 mark]
(b) Identify THREE factors that affect the closing and opening of stomata, and explain how
these factors function.
[3 marks]
(c) Figure 3 shows an electron micrograph of a plant structure .
··· ·
Figure 3. Electron micrograph of a plant structure
Roberts M., Reiss M. and Monger B., Advanced Biology.
Nelson 2000, p. 259.
(i) Identify the structures labelled X and Y in Figure 3.…read more

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Discuss TWO structural differences between the cells labelled X and Y and
describe how, in spite of these differences, they function as a unit.
[ 4 marks]
(iii) Name ONE route by which substances move from the chloroplast in leaves to
the phloem.
[1 mark]
Total 15 marks
3. (a) (i) Define the term 'health'.
[ 1 mark]
(ii) A breakdown of health may lead to disease. Differentiate between EACH ofthe
categories of disease listed below, with respect to the cause of the diseases.…read more

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Infectious and non-infectious
Deficiency and inherited
[ 3 marks]
(iii) Explain the difficulty in classifying protein-energy malnutrition as a non- infectious,
physical, deficiency disease.…read more

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Figure 4 presents data on the number of deaths that occurred in women from laryngeal
and lung cancer and breast cancer for the period 1975-2005, in a country.
.:: .......·....................·...........
- Laryngeal
Number 600 A
-, .·................· and
~ -< ·
of . .
lung cancer
deaths 500
400 ........ Breast cancer
200 ~
100 ,.".…read more

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Suggest TWO reasons for the difference in the shapes of the curves.
[ 2 marks]
(iii) Outline TWO challenges that health authorities in the Caribbean may face in
reversing the trends for laryngeal and lung cancer.…read more

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Answer ALL questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided at the end of each question.
4. (a) (i) Explain what is meant by the term 'glycolysis' and state where it takes place in
the cell. [ 4 marks]
(ii) Aerobic respiration is represented by the following equation
L. Discuss FOUR reasons why this equation does NOT fully represent respiration.
[ 4 marks]
(b) Explain the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis.…read more


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