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Canning Town ­ Inner City Case Study
General Information:
Canning Town is located in the east of London just 3km from Canary Warf. The area is in
Newham's Country Council area and this area suffers high levels of deprivation and this area is
among the 5% most deprived areas in the UK as residents suffer from poor health, low education
and poverty. Also high percentages of the area have a limiting long term illness that are working
age and about half of working age have no formal qualifications
The average life expectancy is 76.5 years while the UK's is 81 years. The infant mortality rate is 5.0
compared to England's 4.4. In Newham there were 6267 live births in 2013 and was the highest
number in London and the total fertility rate is 2.42 compared to England's 1.85. Infant mortality is
4.7 while England's is 4.1 and there were 1282 deaths in Newham which was one of the highest
numbers in an Inner London Authority.
Transport in this area is very good with the A13 going through the middle of the area and there
are multiple stations for the DLR and tube stations are situated close to the area with and over
ground line as well. There are multiple bus routes as well the help keep this area moving.
The total population for this area is 45,137 and that is 16.13% of Newham Borough's total
population. There are 20639 males (46%) and 24498 females (54%) in Canning Town. Most of the
population are aged 25-49 at 43.8% are.
Life expectancy is 76.5 which is below the national average of 81 years and this area has the
highest number of live births in London in 2013 at 6,267 with a fertility of 2.42 compared to the
national average of 1.85.
The table below shows the population of Canning Town by age group with the population of the
whole London Borough of Newham
Age Groups Canning Town and Custom House Newham
0-14 11,315 25% 66,248 24%
15-24 5,994 13% 35,704 13%
25-39 14,106 31% 91,278 33%
40-64 10,387 23% 66,208 24%
65-74 1,916 45% 11,354 4%
75+ 1,518 3% 9,008 3%
The next table shows the percentage of each religion in Canning Town with Newham's and
England's data to compare it with
Religion Canning Town Newham England
Christian 57.1% 40.0% 59.4%
Buddhist 0.7% 0.8% 0.5%

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Hindu 2.8% 8.8% 1.5%
Jewish 0.1% 0.1% 0.5%
Muslim 15.3% 32.0% 5.0%
Sikh 0.3% 2.1% 0.8%
Other Religion 0.3% 0.4% 0.4%
No Religion 16.5% 9.5% 24.7%
Religion Not Stated 6.8% 6.4% 7.…read more

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Type of Property Canning Town and Newham England
Custom House
Detached n/a £325,000 £394,641
Flat £167,010 £176,844 £279,630
Semi ­ Detached £143,944 £228,550 £237,489
Terraced £212,138 £213,504 £223,634
Average £198,760 £201,435 £279,630
The most common occupant is a single person and that may be because of the high number of
flats and apartments. The table below shows the household composition of Newham
Household composition Percentage of households
One Person 34.0
One Family with Dependent Children 12.4
One Family with no Dependant Children 21.…read more

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Newham Leisure Centre
and one at Crowne Plaza Hotel. There is also the London Regatta Centre at the western end of the
Royal Albert Dock and is a leading centre for rowing.
In Newham there have 19.3% of businesses starting up with 23.5% of businesses closing which are
both high compared to the London and national average at 13.1% starts in London and 10.45
starts in England with 1% closing in London and 13.1% closing in England.…read more

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To help sort out this deprivation they have the regeneration project to help build a sustainable
community in Canning Town and Custom House which will cost around £3.7 billion to change the
area for the better, physically, socially and economically and the work is already underway.…read more


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