Can I statement for Biology (set 2)

These are a another set of can I statments for biology.

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Keeping healthy involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding infection, and using medication when necessary. This module illustrates these
principles through prevention of infectious diseases and heart disease.
You will learn about the immune system, and how vaccines work to prevent infection. You will also learn about the increase of `superbugs',…

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B2.1 How do our bodies resist infection? Y/N EVIDENCE
1. Can I describe how symptoms of an infectious disease are caused
by damage done to cells by microorganisms or the poisons (toxins)
they produce?
2. Can I explain why, in suitable conditions such as those inside a
human body, microorganisms…

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4. Can I describe why vaccines and drugs (medicines) can never be
completely riskfree, since individuals have varying degrees of side
effects to them?
5. Can I explain why due to genetic differences, people react differently
to drugs and vaccines?
6. Can I explain how chemicals called antimicrobials can be…

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3. Can I describe how the structure of arteries, veins and capillaries is
related to their function?
4. Can I explain that heart rate can be measured by recording the pulse
5. Can I describe how blood pressure measurements record the
pressure of the blood on the walls of…

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15. Can I explain why high blood pressure increases the risk of heart
16. Can I describe how the misuse of drugs (eg Ecstasy, cannabis,
nicotine and alcohol) can have an adverse effect on health, including
heart rate and blood pressure, increasing the risk of a heart attack?

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9. Can I explain how the kidneys balance water levels by producing
dilute or concentrated urine as a response to concentration of blood
plasma, which is affected by external temperature, exercise level and
intake of fluids and salt?
10. Can I explain how concentration of urine is controlled by a…


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