Cahora Bassa Dam - Aid Case Study

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Cahora Bassa Dam Development Project
South East Africa
North-West Mozambique, bordering Zambia, Zimbabwe
Portuguese colony up until 1975 when they gained independence which left a weak
government in charge

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Civil war broke out in 1977 which prevented the development on the project that
was begun in the 60s
This was because no tax money to be spent on development, money was being
spent on weaponry instead. No work was done either as people were concentrating
on fighting
After ended in 1992 country left in poor condition. Many year of fighting had
damaged infrastructure and left many physiological effects on families and children
especially those who had been child soldiers.…read more

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Provide all of Mozambique with electricity as long as they were a few small sources
were developed for the most rural areas
Type of aid
An example of bilateral aid (aid given by one government to another and may include
business deals and trade agreements)
Top down aid ­ money given to government for a large project
Has it been successful ­ Positive
Brought the major flood area under control
Created a good strong dam with a large potential of HEP output
Good for the…read more

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The life expectancy at birth has risen from 35 in 1960 ­ 47.9 in 2008. This shows that things
such as healthcare, sanitation and water must have been improving
The percentage of the rural population with access to clean water has risen from 35.8 in
1990 to 46.8 in 2008.…read more


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