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Chemistry C7
Revision Notes.…read more

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The Chemical Industry
· Understand and use the terms `bulk' (made on a large scale) and `fine'
(made on a small scale) in the context of the chemical industry.
· 2. know examples of chemicals made on a large scale (ammonia,
sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, phosphoric acid) and examples of
chemicals made on a small scale (drugs, food additives, fragrances).
· Be able to interpret information about the work done by people who
make chemicals. You are not expected to know any specific details.
· Know and understand that the development of new chemical
products or processes requires an extensive program of research
and development (for example, catalysts for new processes).
· Know that governments have strict regulations to control chemical
processes as well as the storage and transport of chemicals to
protect people and the environment.…read more

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Green Chemistry
· Understand that the production of useful chemicals involves several
stages to include:
· The preparation of feedstocks,
· Synthesis,
· Separation of products,
· Handling of by-products and wastes,
· The monitoring of purity,…read more

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Understand that sustainability of any chemical process depends on:
· Whether or not the feedstock is renewable,
· The atom economy,
· The nature and amount of by-products or wastes and what
happens to them,
· The energy inputs or outputs,
· The environmental impact, and the health and safety risks,
· The social and economic benefits.…read more

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Activation Energy
Energy required to break bonds and start a
reaction.…read more

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Provide an alternative route for reactions with a
lower activation energy.…read more

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