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Natural fats and oils
· Natural fats and oils come from animals and
· Saturated fats and oils come animals
· Unsaturated fats and oils come from plants…read more

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Oils Liquid at Room temperature
· Fats Solid at Room temperature
· Milk, cheese, butter animal fats
· Margarine, cooking oils vegetable oils…read more

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Vegetable oils are important for the chemical
· Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil. This is a
renewable resource.
· This is an alternative fuel for crude oil.…read more

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· Alkane ·Unsaturated
· Saturated ·Carbon carbon
· Single covalent bonds double bonds…read more

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Testing for unsaturation
· Bromine water is a test for double bonds or
· Bromine water stays orange when mixed with a
saturated compound
· Bromine water goes colourless when mixed with
an unsaturated compound.
· This is an addition reaction (reacting with double
· The colourless compound is a dibromo compound.…read more

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Industrial use of vegetable oils to make
· Vegetable oils are unsaturated runny
· It is reacted with hydrogen at 200 degrees
Celsius using a nickel catalyst.
· The hydrogen reacts with the carbon carbon
double bonds and turns them into single
· This makes margarine easy to spread.…read more

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lisa linsdell


Detailed revision notes made in a PP Presentation to cover this part of C6. Good explanations of saturated and unsaturated fats.

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