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Chemical Patterns
The group number shows how many electrons there are in the
outer shell ­ Group 1 = 1 electron
Horizontal rows of elements are called periods, they show how
many shells there are ­ 3 shells = the third period
The nucleus is made up of Protons and neutrons ­ Proton (+)
Neutron (0) Electron (-)
Flame colours ­ Lithium = red / Sodium=yellow / Potassium=lilac
The further you go down the periodic table, the higher the
reactivity, and the lower the melting / boiling point
Alkali metals all have 1 electron in their outer shell they tarnish in
air to make metal oxide, and they also make white crystalline salts
Halogens are used to bleach dyes, and kill bacteria in water, they
are harder to react as they have an outer shell of 7 electrons
(group 7)
Molten compounds and aqueous solutions of metals with non-metals
conduct electricity
Compounds are made up of charged particles called ions


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