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BASES…read more

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The pH Scale and Universal Indicator
An indicator is just a dye that changes colour. The dye in the indicator changes colour depending
on whether it's above or below a certain pH. Universal indicator is a very useful combination of dyes
which gives the colours shown above. It's very good for estimating the pH of a solution
A very strong acid has a pH 0
A very strong alkali has a pH 14
A neutral substance had a pH 7
An ACID is a substance with a pH of less than 7. Acids for H+ ions in water.
A BASE is a substance with a pH of greater than 7
An ALKALI is a base that DISSOLVES IN WATER. Alkalis form OH- ions in water…read more

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The reaction between acids and bases is called neutralisation;
Neutralisation can also be seen in terms of H+ and OH- ions;
H+ + OH- H2O
When an acid neutralises a base (or vice versa), the products are
neutral, they have a pH of 7…read more

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ACIDS…read more

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Metal Oxides and Metal Hydroxides
are Bases
1. Some metal oxides and metal hydroxides dissolve in water. These
soluble compounds are alkalis
2. Even bases that won't dissolve in water will still react with acids.
3. So, all metal hydroxides react with acids to form a salt and water
Acid + Metal Oxide Salt +
Acid + Metal Hydroxide Salt + Water

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Very comprehensive power point. There's even a bit of C5 included :-). Thank you for the amazing revision source.


This has helped a lot, thanks! The colourful slides are easy to comprehend and it really helped me.

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