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C4- Atomic Structure

At the centre of an atom is a nucleus
containing protons and neutrons. Electrons
are arranged around the nucleus in energy
levels or shells. Make sure you can label a
simple diagram of an

Important Facts

Neutrons are neutral 0
Electron are negatively charged -1
Protons are…

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what are they?
Isotopes are atoms with the same number of protons and electrons, but differ in the
number of neutrons, therefore they have a different mass.
Some examples......

Isotopes of Hydrogen

Isotope Protons Electrons Neutrons

1 1 1-1=0

1 1 2-1=1

1 1 3-1=2

Isotopes of Chlorine


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Energy Shells and Electronic structure
Electrons are arranged in different shells around the nucleus
Each shell has a different capacity of the number of electrons it can hold, we can see that
from this table

Energy shell Maximum number of electrons

First 2

Second 8

Third 8

If an atom…

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