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C3 Summary ..What we have learnt so far
You can now differentiate a range of `functions of functions' using the CHAIN RULE
Find dx of the following:
1. (2x2 + 3x)
2. e4xsin (4x3 + 12x)
4. ln(3x-9)
You can differentiate products using the product rule:
Find dx of the following:
5. e-xtan2x
6. Cos2x sin (0.5x)
You can differentiate quotients using the quotient rule:
Find dx of the following:
7. lnx
8. Cot x
You can solve simple equations involving e and ln
9. Solve e2x=10
10. Solve 3lnx = 5
You can also apply these rules in a variety of ways:
11. Find the equation of the normal to y=(x+1)lnx at x =1
12. Find the stationary points on y = (x2 -3)ex and identify their nature.
You have been introduced to the reciprocal Trig functions
13. Sketch y= sec x, y=cosec x, y= cot x and state their range and domain
You can solve simple reciprocal trig equations
14. Solve 3cotx-5 =0 for 0<x<360
15. Solve sec2x =1 for 0<x<180
You have learnt two new Identities and can use them to solve equations and prove identities
16. Solve 2cosec2x +7cotx =6

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Prove (tanx+ cotx)2 = sec2x+ cosec2x…read more


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