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GCSE Chemistry
Where Our Food Comes From…read more

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Chosen food
I have chosen to do about one of my favourite foods, Tomato soup with a
slice of bread. The two main ingredients are:
· Wheat
· Tomatoes…read more

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My first ingredient is Wheat. This is the process of wheat.
· First of all, the seed is planted
· Then, at harvest time, the crop is cut using big combine harvesters
· Thirdly, the seeds are separated and sent to the mill
Fertilizers are used to improve the output (nitrogen, phosphorus (for the
roots) and potassium (for flowers and seeds)).
Also, Pesticides and Insecticides are sprayed to keep pests and insects
from eating the crop.…read more

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Mill and Bakery
The next steps for wheat
At the Mill, the seeds are broken up by rollers to turn them into flour.
It is the sent on, and transported to the bakery.
At the bakery, Yeast is added (and other ingredients and is baked. It is
the sold on for people to eat ­ Toast and Jam, toast and soup,
Sandwiches and Cheese and pickle toasties!…read more

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Health factors
Nutrition information of bread:
There are no presently known risks
taken with eating intensive wheat
(bread) because when the bread is
baked at the high temperature, any
pesticides are destroyed.…read more

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My other ingredient is tomato. This is the process of it:
· Seed is planted
· Harvest time comes and crop is picked
· It is then sent to wherever it has been sold. In this case, it is going to a
factory to be made into tomato soup.
In intensive farming, various different fertilizers and pesticides would have
been sprayed onto the plant as is was growing.…read more

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