C3 maths- Modulus

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OCR C3 Mathematics 1
The Modulus Function
Reflect any negative part of the graph when it is a modulus graph
Key Rules
|axb|= |a| x |b|
|a/b|= |a| / |b|
|x2|= |x|2= x2
Solving Equations
Type A modulus= constant
X1=4 x1=4
X=5 x=3
Type B modulus= modulus
|x2|=|x4| (square both sides)
X24x+4=x28x+16 (move around to get x on one side numbers on other)
4x=12 (divide all by 4)
Type C modulus= function of x
Draw both graphs and see where the intercept...
If they intercept on the negative part of the modulus graph (the reflection) then it would be
If they intercept on positive part of graph then solve normally,


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