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C3 2 More About Acids &
C3 2.1 Strong & Weak Acids/Alkalis…read more

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Starter Activity
How could you find out which of 2 acids (of equal
concentration) is strong, and which is weak?
Discuss & prepare to give feedback.
Lesson Plan:
Starter Activity
Theory (powerpoint) ­ we need to get through this before we
can do the...
End bit…read more

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Learning Objectives
Learning that water is involved in acidity and alkalinity.
Learning that certain ions are responsible for acidity and
Learning the difference between strong and weak acids
or alkalis.…read more

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A recap...
We learned in C3 1, that
acids form H+ ions when
they dissolve in water.
An H+ ion is a hydrogen
atom that has lost it's
In other words, it is a
H…read more

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A proton produced becomes surrounded by water
molecules, keeping it in solution.
= "Hydrated"
Hydrated H+ ions are represented as H+(aq)
Therefore, acids are often referred to as "proton
An alkali is a base which dissolves in water.
Produces OH- ions (hydroxide ions)
These ions will combine readily with protons to form
water = "proton acceptors"
OH- (aq) + H+ (aq) H2O (l)…read more

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Quick Check
What is another name for an acid?
A proton donor
What is another name for a base?
A proton acceptor…read more

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