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Several experiments were set up with magnesium metal
and dilute hydrochloric acid

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Concentration ­ faster
Longer lasting - weaker


As the concentration increases the reaction gets faster


Hotter temperature - faster


As the temperature increases the reaction gets faster


Smaller ­ fizz
Small ­ not dissolve

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Smaller ­ fizz longer


As the surface area increases the reaction gets faster

Rate (speed) of reaction

In industry it is important to be able to measure the rate
(speed) of a reaction and what factors affect it
Sometimes you want to speed up a reaction to produce

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Measuring the rate

You can either measure the rate of disappearance of a
reactant or the rate of appearance of a product
e.g. in our experiment with magnesium and acid
magnesium + hydrochloric magnesium + hydrogen
acid chloride
Mg + 2HCl MgCl + H

Measuring rates

The slope (or gradient)…

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The rate of reaction can be measured by the gradient of
the line
The steeper the line, the faster the reaction


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