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Rusting (corrosion)

Most cars are made up of steel (iron) so, in older cars
rusting is a problem
Both oxygen and water are required for rusting

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Salt water and acid rain speed up the rate of corrosion
(speed of rusting)

So why do we make car bodies out of steel?

Steel is cheaper than aluminium
Steel is stronger
Steel is harder
Steel is less likely to rust than iron

A car body would be lighter with…

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Aluminiu Wheel hubs Does not Saves money
m rust Is non-renewable
Looks nice
Lead Car battery Conducts Reduces the
electricity dumping of toxic
Plastic Windscreen Cheap Less dumping of
Indicators Practical non biodegrable
Leather Seating Comfortable
Looks nice
Glass Windscreen Transparent Cheaper than
(see making new…

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