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Whether you live in a house build last year or 100 years it will
largely built of, or from rocks…read more

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Metals such as aluminium and iron are made from ores
(containing salts of a metal)
The most common rocks used for building are limestone,
marble and granite
Limestone, marble and granite
Limestone Marble Granite
Sedimentary rock Metaphoric rock Igneous rock
Formed when small Formed when high Forms when molten
sea creatures die pressure and from inside the
and sink to the temperature on Earth cools inside
bottom of the limestone the Earth
Takes a long time Hard Very hard
to form
Fossils may be…read more

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Concrete is made from cement, sand, rocks (stones) and
Cement itself is made from heating limestone and clay
Concrete is not very strong on its own to bear weight
because it bends slightly
Instead reinforced concrete is used
Re-enforcing is when a metal rod is set within the
concrete…read more

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The limestone cycle
Limestone made from bones of sea creatures (sedimentary)
Used to make concrete and glass
Marble chip
Thermal decomposition reaction, CO given off
Add more water - Limewater calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)
Quicklime (Calcium oxide) CaO (Heat strongly `limelight)
Used to neutralise soil…read more

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Add more water - Water causes the chip to fizz and crumble…read more


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