C2A Topic 1 Quiz

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C2A Topic 1 Quiz
1. Explain Mendeleev's periodic table
2. Which groups in the periodic table are metals, and which are non metals?
3. Draw and label a diagram of an atom.
4. True or false ­ atoms have the same number of protons and electrons
5. What are the relative charges of protons, neutrons and electrons?
6. Which number of subatomic particle is an element defined by?
7. Explain:
a. Atomic number
b. Relative atomic mass
c. Mass number
8. Explain the structure of the modern periodic table
9. Explain why the RAM of some elements is not a whole number
10. Calculate the RAM of Chlorine ­ 75% is Chlorine 35 and 25% is Chlorine 37
11. Write the electronic configuration of
a. Lithium (3)
b. Potassium (19)
c. Neon (10)
12. What is the connection between the group an element is in and the number of
electrons in its outer shell?


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