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owerpoint…read more

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Valency: combining power
+1 +2 +3 +4 -3 -2 -1
Halogens Noble
Transition gases
Alkali metals
Alkali Earth
metals metals
What is it?…read more

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e: Relative
atomic mass
Atomic no.
(proton no.)…read more

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Ions are electrically charged particles formed
when atoms lose or gain electrons.
Bonding Opposites?
Metal atoms lose
electrons, in their
highest energy level
What is it? and become positively
Explain in your own charged ions.
DEFINITION: Non-metal atoms gain
where one or more electrons from one atom electrons, from another
are removed /attached to another atom, atom to become negatively
resulting in positive and negative ions which charged ions.
attract each other…read more

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The paperclip represents
metal and the log
represents non-metal. The
electrons are around the
atom's edge…read more

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