C2 Past Paper Questions

This is a 20 minute timed powerpoint with a small selection of questions from a past paper.

The idea behind this powerpoint is to highlight that with the AQA C2 exam there will be 45 marks available in a 45 minute paper. Many students rush through the paper, leaving lots of spare time at the end, and yet still find they have made 'silly' mistakes which they could/should have got right.

The slideshow is timed. You'll need to make sure you've got a periodic table & calculator to hand. Start the slideshow (before you're tempted to look ahead!) and then click start. Each slide will be shown for 1 minute per mark available.

RESIST the urge to skip ahead. This is a thinking exercise as much as it is a question exercise. Let your eyes roam around the question. Re-read it. Be strict with yourself.

At the end of the slideshow is a slide (not timed) which will help you review and evaluate this method. Think it through, did this help you to complete all of each question? Did you find you could have spent less time on some questions, to allow you more time on the trickier ones? Did it help your anxiety levels, or make them worse?

When you've completed the powerpoint show, you can look at the notes section for each slide to find the answers. 

Good luck, & I hope this helps!

Powerpoint Presentation 250 Kb


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