C2 Material Choices Revision Loop Cards

These are cards that I have made and I thought that they would be helpful, just cut the strips out HORIZONTALLY and NOT THROUGH THE MIDDLE!!! Join them together to get a loop =)

P.S print them out 

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Crystalline The LARGER the molecules...
Recycling The LARGER the molecules in polymers...
High pressure and a catalyst are needed. What is another word that we can describe
monomers to be?
Fractional distillation is used to separate crude Why are Nylon and Gore-Tex ideal for making
oil. raincoats?
The molecules have strong forces of attraction What are the products that are formed when
and this means that they're difficult to separate. hydrocarbons are burned?
Polythene, polypropylene and nylon What are the problems of using crude oil?
Cotton wool, silk and wool. Other plastics have cross-linked bridges
between polymers and have high melting points.
What is this advantage?
Incineration, recycling, reusing them or Why do polymers that have a low melting point
disposing them in landfills stretch easily?
Burning plastics produces harmful toxic gases What are the atoms of monomers in a chain of
which harm the environment and causes polymers hold together by?
breathing problems.
Valuable land or valuable resources are wasted What are the problems with disposing off
and it would take millions of years for the polymers?
polymers to biodegrade.
They are held together by strong intermolecular What is the problem of incineration?
This is because they can slide over one another What are the ways in which we can get rid of
easily unwanted plastics?
They can't be easily stretched as the molecules What are examples of natural polymers?
are rigid and strong.
It is a fossil fuel which means that it is not What are examples of synthetic polymers?
renewable as it is made by compressed animals
over millions of years.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) are made Heavy molecules like heavy oil have very long
chains. What does this mean?
They are waterproof and Gore-Tex makes the Crude oil is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon
jacket breathable. The material is laminated with molecules, how do you separate these crude oil
nylon to make it stronger. to give petrol, fuel gas and diesel etc?
They are alkenes, which are hydrocarbons made Polymerisation is the process in which many
from carbon and hydrogen only. Examples monomers react to form monomers, but what is
include ethene and propene. needed for them to do so?
The higher the boiling point and the higher the What R can be used to recover raw materials
melting point because more force is needed to from waste and reduce energy consumption?
break the monomers apart.
The stronger the intermolecular forces between What C is a structure with regularly packed
the molecules. molecules, creating high density and strength?


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