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C2 Material Choices…read more

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1) Properties of Materials
· Stiffness- how good a material is when force is
applied and it does not bend: 1) Materials like
steel are very difficult to bend
2) Some kinds of rubber are very strong but they
bend stretch very easily there're not stiff
· Density- A materials mass per volume: 1) Air isn't
dense- need a huge volume of it to make up 1kg
in mass
2) Gold is very dense
3) Objects that are less dense than water will float
(like ice)…read more

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Melting point- the temperature where the solid
material turns to liquid
· Strength- how good a material is a t resisting a force.
You can judge how strong it is by how much force is
needing to break it or permanently change its shape.
how much a material can resist a pulling force. Ropes
and cables have good tensile strength.
2) COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH- how much a material can
resist a pushing force. Bricks have good compressive
· Hardness-how difficult a material is to cut into; the
hardest material on earth is diamond…read more

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Every material is made up of chemicals either
individual chemicals or mixtures of chemicals
Some materials occur naturally
From plants- wood, paper, cotton
From animals- wool, silk, leather
Other materials are synthetic- made by humans
Rubber can be made in factories so you control its
properties…read more

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Every material has a different set of properties
which make it perfect for some jobs and useless
for others
· Plastics- can be fairly hard, strong and stiff.
Some are fairly low density (good for light
weight goods). Some are mouldable.
E.G cases for television, computers and kettles
· Rubber- Strong but soft and flexible, mouldable
E.G rubber car tyres…read more

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Nylon fibres- soft and flexible, good tensile
E.G ropes and clothing fabrics
A products properties depend on the materials its
made from:
The effectiveness of a product is how good it is at
the job supposed to do. Materials also affect a
products durability- how long is will last…read more

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