C2 Deriving Logarithms

A short guide on how to work out simple logarithms, using 3 equations (given) with an example given along side it.

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Logarithms Mathematics C2
Deriving Logarithms
Useful Equations:
Is the same as:
There could be a question that wants you to work out the value of x, and to
do this, you do the following:
- Workout:
Make equal to x.
Just like using the equations, (you can properly use them if you want to) you
bring the 3 from the left to the right. So you are left with
Then add a `log' onto the other side: ( .)
Bring the `x' before the `log' ( ) ­ Now you are in a position to
work out what x is.
Rearrange the formula, , and use your calculator to divide!

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