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C2 7 Acids,
Alkalis & Salts
7.1 Acids & Alkalis…read more

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Learning Objective
1. Why are solutions acidic
or alkaline?
2. How is acidity measured?…read more

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What are acids & bases?
Substance dissolved in water = aqueous
May be acidic, alkaline or neutral.
Bases = chemicals which can neutralise acids
Alkalis = bases which dissolve in water
Pure water is neutral…read more

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What is a base?
What is an alkali?…read more

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E.g. citric acid, sulfuric acid, ethanoic acid
Taste sour (but many are too dangerous to
taste at all)
Hydrochloric acid is made when hydrogen
chloride (HCl) gas dissolves in water:
HCl (g) H+ (aq) + Cl- (aq)
water…read more

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All acids form H+ ions when added to water
H+ ions make a solution acidic
Hydrogen chloride also forms chloride ions (Cl-
`(aq)' = shows ions are dissolved in water…read more

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