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C2 Electrolysis
C2 6.4 Purifying Copper…read more

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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson you should be able to:
State how copper is purified using electrolysis
Explain what happens at the electrodes during
purification of copper
Construct the half equations for the purification of
copper…read more

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Make a prediction:
Predict the products of electrolysis of copper sulfate if:
Graphite electrodes are used
Copper electrodes are used
Be ready to discuss this with the class…read more

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Purifying Copper
Copper removed from copper ore = ~99% pure
Impurities: gold, silver, platinum
Affect conductivity
Must be removed before copper can be used in wires
Purified by electrolysis
Impure copper used as anode (+)
Thin sheet of pure copper as cathode (-)
In solution containing copper ions (usually copper sulfate
solution)…read more

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Cathode: copper ions reduced
Form copper atoms
Deposited on electrode
Purified copper is removed, melted & formed into
Sludge containing impurities is periodically removed to
recover precious metals.…read more

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