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Q1 ­ Is the nucleus of an atom positive or negative?


Q2 ­ What are charged atoms known as?


Q3 ­ What is the formula of hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate?

HCl and Na2CO3

Q4 ­ How do you find the molecular formula?

Use the displayed formula and…

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Q12 ­ What properties do perfumes need?

Easily evaporates
Doesn't react with water
Doesn't irritate the skin
Insoluble in water

Q13 ­ Why is animal testing used on cosmetics and perfumes?

They are similar to humans and will react in a similar way
To check it will not harm…

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Q21 ­ What is a pigment?

The pigment gives the paint its colour

Q22 ­ What is a colloid?

A colloid consists of really tiny particles of one kind of stuff dispersed in another kind of stuff.
They are mixed in but not dissolved.

Q23 ­ What is a thermo…

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Q32 ­ What is fractional distillation?

It is where crude oil is separated into different hydrocarbon fraction

Q33 ­ Where is the hottest in the fractional distillation? Top, middle or bottom


Q34 ­ Why is cracking used?

To split up long chained hydrocarbons
To make available more short chained…

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Carbon monoxide

Q42 ­ What percentage of the earth's gases is nitrogen?


Q43 ­ What is acid rain caused by?

Sulphur dioxide
Oxides of nitrogen

Q44- What does acid rain kill?



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