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Chemistry C1
The early atmosphere

Scientists think that the early atmosphere was very much different to our atmosphere today and that evolution
caused this change in atmosphere. Scientists also thought that volcanoes have a large effect on what gases go
into the atmosphere and a long time ago. Scientists think…

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There are 3 main gases in the atmosphere, one being nitrogen- the most abundant and second being oxygen and
thirdly noble gases like argon. There are also traces of other gases in the atmosphere including sulphur dioxide,
carbon monoxide also water vapour is present in the atmosphere but as its…

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Metamorphic rock
Metamorphic rock can form when let's say heat and pressure is exerted onto limestone, this causes new crystals
to form which in this case is marble. When heated limestone's weakly joined grains become new crystals of CaCo3
which tightly interlock hence marble is harder than chalk or limestone.…

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Precipitation Reactions- these are reactions which involve two soluble compounds reacting create an insoluble
product for example silver nitrate and potassium bromide react to produce the insoluble potassium nitrate and
silver bromide.

Reactions of calcium compounds

Calcium carbonate when thermally decomposed breaks down into calcium oxide, this calcium oxide if…

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The importance of chlorine

Sea water contains salt which is a compound of sodium chloride, using electrolysis which is the splitting of
compounds called electrolytes we can extract chlorine by the electrolysis of sea water. To test whether a gas is
chlorine use damp litmus paper, it will first turn…

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Oxidation and Reduction
Extracting metal is reduction this is when we reduce the metal oxide into just a metal so taking away the oxygen.
When metals corrode they react with oxygen hence are being oxidised when iron rusts this is an example of
oxidation. Aluminium doesn't corrode as easily because…

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