C1 Integration Notes - (AQA) Maths As Level

A brief summary & explanation of what you need to know inc. method for solving tricky and simple integration questions

PLEASE NOTE: the second bullet point is supposed to say 'Integrating definitely' NOT integrating indefinitely

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To integrate a derivative, add one to the power and divide by the power
To find the equation of a curve:
The derivative is always dx
1. Integrate indefinitely ( + c ) and make it equal to y
2. Substitute x and y co-ordinates into the equation/integral
3. Find the value of c by rearranging
4. Write out the integral from step 1 and add your c value
Integrating definitely:
1. Expand, integrate and simplify
2. Sub in your limits. There is always a minus between the two brackets
3. Work out and simplify
When you have to find the limits yourself, use the x coordinates they have given you
Use the coordinates they have given you when trying to find base, height etc for triangle or
trapezium formula
Exam Tips
Even if one of your limits is 0, write it out in square brackets
If your value for area is a negative, it means your shaded area is underneath the curve.
Change it into a positive number (because you can't have a negative value for area)
Sometimes you may have to find x. Simply make both equations equal to y and then
factorise or rearrange and you will have your second x value (they usually give you the
first one)

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