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Core Mathematics 1
Equations and
Inequalities…read more

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3. Equations and Inequalities
1. Solving simultaneous linear equations by
2. Solving simultaneous linear equations by
3. Using substitution when one equation is
linear and the other is quadratic
4. Solving linear inequalities
5. Solving quadratic inequalities
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3. Equations and Inequalities
Solving simultaneous linear
equations by elimination…read more

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Simultaneous Equations
These Method
can be solved in several ways:
Usually this method involves arranging the equations one above the
a) graphically by finding
other with the x terms above each other, and the where the
same with the y
terms and the constants. 2 graphs intersect
i.e. ax + by = c Either the coefficients of x or of y are made
equal. The 2 equations are then either added or
b)+ qy
by =r
eliminationsubtracted in order to eliminate the x term or the
y term.
Example: x3 Signs are Different so ADD
4x + 2y = 14 12x + 6y = 42
-3x -6y = -24 -3x -6y = -24
c) by substitution 9x = 18
so x =2
Substituting into the 1st equation 8 + 2y = 14
2y = 6
y=3…read more

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3. Equations and Inequalities
Solving simultaneous linear
equations by substitution…read more

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A gentle walk through a variety of equations and inequalities for core 1 (simultaneous, linear and quadratic, equations and inequalities).  Includes a range of printed and hand written examples, clear working shown.



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