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For OCR Gateway GCSE Triple Science.
C1 Carbon Chemistry Revision
Key Words for Crude Oil:

Hydrocarbon: A molecule made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms only

Crude Oil: A mixture made of only hydrocarbons.
Alkane: A saturated hydrocarbon that has single covalent bonds only. CnH2n+2

Alkene: An unsaturated hydrocarbon that…

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For OCR Gateway GCSE Triple Science.

Pollution of the atmosphere is caused by the release of three main gases:
1) Carbon Monoxide ­ produced when incomplete combustion takes place eg in car engines ­ is a toxic gas.
2) Sulphur Dioxide ­ formed when fossil fuels are burned ­ causes…

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For OCR Gateway GCSE Triple Science.
Organic acid + organic alcohol + heat + sodium carbonate

Synthetic: manmade
Volatile: able to evaporate easily

Eg: Methanol + Ethanoic Acid > Butyl Ethanoate + Water (always formed)

Always have: Double bond O2

Single Bond O2
Carbon either side


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