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Biological catalysts
Rate of reaction affected by temperature, pH, substrate
Denature at high temperature as active site changes shape so
substrate cannot bind.…read more

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Proteases: Pre digest protein in baby food. Washing powder.
Lipase: Washing powder.
Isomerase: Slimming foods. Turns glucose into sweeter fructose.
Carbohydrase: Starch to sugar to syrup.…read more

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Mouth- Amylase
Stomach: Protease
Pancreas: Amylase, protease, and lipase
Small Intestine: Amylase, protease, and lipase…read more

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Amylase: Starch to Glucose
Lipase: Lipids to Fatty Acids and Glycerol
Protease: Protein to Amino Acids…read more

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Produces bile which is alkaline which neutralises the stomach acid
and provides the correct pH for enzymes.
Contains pigments that cause brown colour of faeces.…read more

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