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Transport in plants
AS BIOLOGY…read more

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Dicot root structure
· Xylem arranged centrally
This is ideal for
resistance to pull
(vertical stress)
and so helps the
anchorage of the
plant.…read more

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Dicot stem structure
· Xylem arranged in
vascular bundles
that are placed in a ring on the
This organinstation gives:
· Flexible support
· Also resistance to bending strain…read more

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Microscopy…read more

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· Two cells- Tracheids and vessels
· As the cells mature/ differentiate (become specialised) their
cellulose cell walls incorporate lignin-Which is hard and strong
· As this lignin build sup around the cell it causes the cell content to
die leaving empty space inside. The end wall (things that splits the
cells) break down so that it forms a continuous tube.
· The deposition of lignin strengthens the walls and makes them
impermeable to water and solutes (they can not diffuse out)…read more

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Xylem cells-microscopy
· Ls xylem Ts xylem…read more

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