BY1 AQA Bacterial cells exam 09

A basic look at the structure of bacterial cells for those takin examinations from 2009 onwards

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Bacterial Cells
Components of the bacteria cell (PROKARYOTIC)
CYTOPLASM contains all enzymes needed for metabolic reactions as there are no
RIBOSOMES All free in cytoplasm needed for protein synthesis
NUCLEOID Region of cytoplasm that contains DNA (NOT SURROUNDED BY
DNAAlways circular, not associated with any proteins.
PLASMIDSmall circles of DNA, used to exchange DNA between cells.
FLAGELLUMA rigid rotating tail used for movement
MESOSOME A tightlyfolded region of the cell membrane containing all the
membranebound proteins
required for respiration and photosynthesis.
CAPSULE(slime layer) thick polysaccharide layer used to attach bacterium to other
cells, protection against phagocytosis, chemicals and a food reserve.
CELL WALLMade of Murein

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