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Table of Contents
Competitive Pricing
Market Skimming
Penetration Pricing
Cost Plus Pricing
Loss Leader Pricing
Product Range
Product Mix
Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Customer
Manufacturer Retailer Customer
Manufacturer Customer
Location in or out of town?
How will small shops survive?
Above the line promotion
Below the line promotion
Chain Of Production.
The Four Factors Of Production.
Types of Economy.…read more

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The European Union
Features of a Single Market.
Benefits of a single Market for Businesses.
Benefit of Single Market for Consumers.
Benefits of a single currency.
Disadvantages of a single currency.
Economies of Scale.
Internal Economies of Scale.
External Economies of Scale.
Business Growth.
How do we measure Growth?
How to Businesses Grow?
Internal Growth
External Growth
Why do some businesses Remain Small
Location ­ National and International.…read more

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-Firms must product the right product at the right price, make it available in
the right places, and let the customers know about it through the right
- Deciding on a price of a product or a service. What are people willing to pay.
Pricing strategies include:-
Competitive Pricing
­ Means setting the price of products in relation to the competition leader. The
new product must be set slightly lower than the market leader or the product
will be likely to fail.…read more

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Product Range
­ Different variations of the same product. There different variations on
the same product will attract different customers e.g. Cadburys
chocolate with or without nuts.
Product Mix
­ Variety of different products. This increases the variety in a shop
which encourages customer loyalty and also increases the spend of each
­ Identifies a sellers product and differentiates them from other
companies. Represents image of person and values, which no other
brand image has.
Advantages ­ Greater customer loyalty.…read more

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The wholesaler has a role in breaking bulk. He buys in high quantities from the
Manufacturer and sells small quantities to the retailer. The Wholesaler gets the
items cheap from the manufacturer since he buys many products. He then
would make a profit on selling products onto the retailer.…read more

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Good customer relationships ­ knowing the customer and knowing what
he wants will help business.
Appeal to a niche market ­ This type of product is only for a limited
number of people
Increase sales through mail order or online marketing ­ the only other
way to keep profits high to stay open.
­ trying to bring product to customer's attention.
Types of Promotion- Above the line promotion and Below the line promotion.…read more

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­ includes natural resources (coal, fish) and the land itself.
­ Includes the skills of those who work.
­ Money invested in the business.
­ Ability to combine all other factors to make a profitable business.
Types of Economy.
-There are three types-
Markey Economy
­ Individuals own Businesses and Governments roles are quite restricted.
Mixed Economy
­ Government has input into the economy and individuals owning businesses
pay tax to the government.…read more

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Opportunity Cost
All businesses have limited amounts of money ­ If a company spends more
money on advertising it will have to spend less on product design.
Types of Goods
Durable Consumer Goods
These are goods that are used over and over such as mobile phones.
Single Use Consumer Goods
These are goods that we use only once such as toothpicks.…read more



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