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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

External Influences

Business and the Law
What is law?
The law is a framework of rules governing the way in which society operates.
Marketing, production, employment, relationships with customers and competitors
and even the establishment of the businesses itself are influenced by law.

Competition Policy…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Restrictive Practices Acts
The UK government passed a series of restrictive practises acts to eliminate
behaviour preventing the free and fair operation of the markets. Restrictive
Practices are against consumers' interest as they normally result in higher
prices and products of inferior quality. The acts…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

The Trade Descriptions Act
The Trade Description act makes misleading descriptions of goods and
services an offence.

The Advertising Standards Authority
this body supervises the operation of this code of practise. It is an
independent body that protects the public and deals with complaints from…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Collective Labour Law
Over the last 20 years the law has played a more prominent role in relationships
between employers and trade unions. Some of the important pieces of legislation
are below:
Employment Acts
These acts reduced the power of trade unions in the work…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

offset some of the rise in costs. It also results in firms having a lower rate of
labour turnover, and a better public image.



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