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Business Studies
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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Knowledge (2 Application (3 Analysis (5 ­ 6 Evaluation ( 6+
marks) -4 marks) marks marks)
Demonstrate Application of Analysis of Evaluate
basic knowledge to a arguments, different
knowledge ­ scenario given different options and
key terms, options, reach a decision
examples, facts advantages and
Definition Definition/ Discussion Decide
Discussion…read more

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You have to work your way up through the levels
in your answer to gain full marks
For long, essay type questions (e.g 16/18
marks) you have to give different options and
advantages and disadvantages
You can say `it depends' when trying to reach a
decision, as long as you justify your answer
Remember; Define, Discuss, Decide when
answering longer questions
Application is really important: giving definitions
of key terms will only be a level 1 answer…read more


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