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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

People and Organisations

Theories of Motivation
Why is Motivation important?
Motivation can be the will to work due to enjoyment of the work itself. This implies
that motivation comes from within an individual employee. An alternative view of
motivation is that it is the will…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

The most efficient means of production is
when employees are trained and told how to

Human Relations Employees could be motivated by have their
School MAYO social needs met.
More attention was given to the social
dimension of work (e.g. communication,
working as groups…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

The theory assumes there is a scientific `best way' to organise production, this
ignores differences between workers, which may affect the success of any one
The approach treats workers as machines to be used and controlled, creating an
atmosphere of conflict between workers and…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

He believes that motivation lies within each individual employee, and that managers
merely need the key to unlock the motivational force. By focusing on the psychological
needs of employees both Maslow and Herzberg encouraged managers to treat their
employees as individuals with different needs and…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Theory into Practice
Maslow's theory has important practical implications for businesses.
To motivate a workforce requires an approach that will identify the level of need
of each individual
Businesses will have to seek to meet each individuals necessary need for all levels
of the hierarchy…

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Business Notes Emma Rudd BMA

Subsequent research around the world has failed to confirm that Herzberg's
theory can generally be applied to workers in every business.
Some jobs, especially low skilled ones, cannot be easily `enriched', and many
workers may not seek responsibility or advancement.



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