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Brief notes on business ownership, advantages and disadvantages helpful for all levels

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Business Ownership
Private Limited Company (Ltd.) HHO Ltd.
Must be at lease two shareholders no max. Shares not traded on stock exchange.
Public Limited Company (Plc.)
Shares bought
and sold on the stock exchange.
Advantages Disadvantages
Large amounts of capital can be raised Original shareholders can lose control as
quickly. part of a `take over bid'
Limited liability Lots of paper work
Able to expand and dominate the market Time consuming
Sole Trader
Does not involve paying registration fees keeping records and accounts is straight
Advantages Disadvantages
No complicated paper work Have to make decisions on your own
Decisions can be make quickly Work long hours
Close contact with customers and provide all finance
employees Unlimited liability
All profit kept
Two or more partners, up to 20 partners.
Advantages Disadvantages
Share skills and workload Unlimited liability
Easier to raise capital needed Can rarely borrow money
Business can cope if someone is unable Disagreements about the running of the
to work business

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