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Business Angela Emma Rudd BMA
4th February 07

Operations Management
Stock control

What are Stocks?
Stocks are goods, which have been produced or are in the process of being produced
but which have not been sold yet. All firms hold different types of stock. Stocks can take
a variety of…

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Business Angela Emma Rudd BMA
4th February 07

The maximum stock that a firm will hold depends on:
How much space a firm has
The opportunity cost of having money tied up in them

Stock Control
Stock control involves stock rotation. This is a method of organising stocks so that…

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Business Angela Emma Rudd BMA
4th February 07

Investment in machinery, which is flexible and can be changed from producing
one type of item to another without much delay.
Training of employees so that they have several skills and can do a variety of
Negotiation with employees so that…




This is 3 detailed pages on the methods of stock control. It also includes Just in Time so is useful for students studying lean production. Very useful for AQA unit 3.

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