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Business Angela Emma Rudd BMA
17th February 07

Operations Management
Quality and Operations Management

An important aspect of operations management is making sure that the goods and
services produced are of a suitable quality. This means that the products meet
specifications that the firm has set out and these, in…

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Business Angela Emma Rudd BMA
17th February 07

Set quality targets
Examine their production process to ensure that these are achieved
Measure the actual results and take action if what actually happens is different
from what the firm wants to happen.

Targets might involve:
The speed with which the firm…

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Business Angela Emma Rudd BMA
17th February 07

The TQM approach considers that employees should also aim to improve the quality
of what they do. It is tempting to assume that what you are doing is good enough and,
provided profits are reasonable, it is easy to become complacent. Such…




This is 4 comprehensive and well written sheets detailing the different approaches to quality - control, assurance, TQM and ISO standards. Can be used to supplement notes or to produce your own.

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