Business OCR F295 Exam specification shortened

ive been struggling to find any resources for OCR business A2 F295 so i have created a shorten specifiation to help get people pointed in the right direction for their revision

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HR Function;
Role of HR & role in achievement of the business
HR in relation to other factors & decisions
HR in relation to other departments
Communication in the business;
The impact of individual & group behaviour on effective communication
Formal & informal groups, negative & positive impact of each on communication
Group norms; objectives and what effect they have on behaviour, the extent to which communication can be facilitated/inhibited by group norms
Methods of communication and their effectiveness
Organisation & controlling the activities of people at work;
Significance of motivation, function of each department & the importance of effective departmental inter-relationships
Assess the contribution of line/staff relationships
Understanding of product/systems; analyse and assess the implications of organising on a production or system basis
Discuss the cause and consequence of motivation
Taylor, Mayo, Maslow, Herzberg, Peters & Drucker ­ assess the use of theorist in find solutions
Understand leadership styles and assess the appropriateness of each in different situations: meeting `people' & `task' needs
Employer/employee relations
Understand the requirements of legislation; race, sex, age, religion or disability, the extent of which it affect the organisation
Contracts of employment and principles of employment law
Understand the main provisions of legislation; health & safety, the implications of this legislation for organisations and employees
Understand data protection legislation & the implications of holding information about employees/customers on computers/paper
Employment tribunals grievance & dismissal procedures, practical application within familiar and unfamiliar situations
Employee participation
Industrial democracy, reasoning for and against participative decision making
Method of achieving industrial democracy; collective bargaining, employees as shareholder, works councils
Methods of remuneration
Different methods of payment; hourly, salary, bonuses/commission, piece-rates, pay by performance
Advantages and disadvantages for each

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Types of training for new & existing employees, advantages and disadvantages of use to enhance employee performance
Training needs analysis (TNA), methods, asses TNA to enhance employee performance
Gains & costs of training
Types of appraisal; advantages and disadvantages for employers/employees
Workforce performance measurement criteria
Appropriate calculations & measurements relating to; lateness, absenteeism/sickness, labour turnover, productivity, holiday entitlement & performance
related payment ­ interpret, analyse & asses outcomes…read more


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