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Business Marketing ­ Class Work Typed

Asset VS MarketLed Approach
Product Led = When a company produces a product with no input from consumers and
then tries to sell it.
Asset Led = When a company researches what consumers want and then matches it to
their own strengths to produce…

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Slows down the decision making process
Cost (increases opportunity cost)
Success is not guaranteed there are always uncontrollable variables
Employees may selectively use this data to support their own individual goals.

Correlation Analysis
What is it?
Correlation analysis measures the relationship between two sets of data. Correlation
occurs when…

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Experts opinions could be wrong
If a forecast is made too far in advance.

Synergy / Synergies
Usually occur when two organisations merge / come together
When taking two businesses and combining them, their skills, expertise etc.
therefore it should be a more efficient business, now they are together.


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Calculating the Market Share:

The extent to which the market share of individual firms in the market can be maintain or
increased will depend upon the influence of certain factors:

Marketing Finance People Operations Management
Have they got Are they using How well is Workforce planning will


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