Business Interactive Unit 2

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Business Interactive Unit 2
The customers are deemed to be stakeholders as they risk and have a stake in the business before
they get what they want. Customers put down a deposit if they like the look of the building to assure
that they get this. However they are risking and putting their trust in the business because the
business hasn't actually fulfilled their promise yet and so it could go wrong. As they have gave some
of their money to Bodgitt and Scarper to assure that they get the property they are now
Employees are deemed to be stakeholders as they also are at risk during the development.
Employees can be at risk for many reasons. Firstly if the projected never went ahead the business
may find themselves in serious debt and therefore they can't afford as many employees, so some
have to be made redundant. But as well as this Bodgitt and Scarper may find themselves in so much
debt that they go into liquidation, here fore meaning that the employees in this case also won't have
a job anymore. As well as this employees may be but in the situation that they get blamed if anything
goes wrong. They are massive stakeholders, as if the development goes ahead they could be in for a
good bonus but if it was stopped then they might be to blame for losing the company thousands.
The government are deemed to be stakeholders as they want to set aside some of the housing
estate for more affordable housing. From this they would make a lot of money, from the stamp duty
they would collect. As they can make money out of this they are waiting for the development to be
completed so they are stakeholders in the company.
Financiers are deemed to be stakeholders as they could be in trouble if the development doesn't go
ahead. Even though the individual financier may get a bonus/commission there is also the risk of if the
business fails. If the development falls under and isn't completed, then they would have to pay back
the money they were loaned, but if they can't then the financiers become more concerned and it is
also trouble for them. Because of this they are stakeholders.
Pressure groups
Pressure groups are deemed to be stakeholders as they can suffer from the actions of the business.
If the development continues they can be forced to move, live in poorer conditions and the
environment can be harmed. As they believe for what they are fighting for it will affect them and so
can change their lives. Because of this they are deemed to be stakeholders.

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Suppliers are deemed to be stakeholders as the future of their business can be determined by this
one development. If the development goes ahead they will get an increase of turnover which will
lead to an increase in profit. But if the development is stopped or doesn't continue then they will lose
their most important customer and then it will be back to how they were before.…read more


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