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Business Revision ­ People in organisations.

Social influence is a two way process:
How business activities impact on society?
How changes in society affect the business?

Labour turnover equals the number of employees leaving the company divided by
the average total number of employees.

Motivation and leadership.
A manager is…

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Maslow and the hierarchy of human needs.
McGregor's theory is theory X and theory Y managers.
Peters ­ company heroes.
Drucker ­ management by objectives.
Herzberg's motivational theory.
The two factors were: firstly the factors which result in job satisfaction and the
other category were the factors that result is…

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Chain of command is shorter.

Disadvantages of a narrow span of control:
Reduced freedom for subordinates.
It would increase number of managers required therefore increase costs of
recruitment and wages.

Matrix Structures A Matrix structure organisation contains teams of people created
from various sections of the business. These teams will…


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