examples of business issues that can be used in essays for a2 business with OCR

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Examples of business issues
Request for a pay rise: The company would have to consider whether it was financially possible to
give a pay rise. They would also have to think about who else would be offered a pay rise, and on
what grounds. If the pay rise was requested for a particular reason, then the company may consider
if there are any alternatives. For a Catholic, it should be about the work not the pay, whereas a
Protestant may view a pay rise as a reward for working hard.
Paternity leave for six months: The company would be legally required to allow two weeks. Beyond
that, it is unlikely that any paternity leave would be granted. For Kant, the issue would be conflicting
duties to work and to the baby.
Request to unionise workforce: The company would have to consider the benefits this would bring to
them and their employees. But also the issues it could raise for the company e.g. protests.
Consider the rights and wrongs of employer surveillance: Employer surveillance could potentially be
legally justified but not morally as it is unnecessary.


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